Can You Top This Old Duck Photo? Send Us Your Favorite Food Memory.

Send us the photo that brings back food memories for you and yours.

For its recent fifth anniversary issue, Edible Jersey asked its readers to share their food-related favorites–a singular seasonal ingredient, a home-baked memory, a food or drink experience that inspired and inspires. The avalanche of submissions included many respondents who emailed in coveted black and white photos of loved ones farming, cooking or eating.

We’re asking you to do the same. As inspiration, consider this image of a Bernstein’s Ducklings delivery truck, we got from Edible contributor (and once Paumanok Preserves maker) Joan Bernstein, whose East Moriches family was one of several Long Island duck distributors in the 1950s and 1960s, during a time when Long Island duckling was a common delicacy on restaurant menus and home tables throughout the region. (Bonus points to anyone who can identify the year of the photo by naming the year of that truck.)

Send us your favorite Edible-worthy photo (they don’t even have to be black and white) with a few lines about it. We’ll select the best ones and include them in our next issue. Those who submit images we select will receive a voucher to an upcoming Edible event (value $40), and the pride of having your anecdote memorialized in Edible East End.

Entries will be accepted until July 1. Send entries to, with the subject line “Photo contest.”