American Meat to Screen at Guild Hall; Reception Follows at Nick & Toni’s

The state of production for meat hungry Americans is reaching a crisis point. Here’s some stats: Each year the average American eats 48 pounds of pork, 60 pounds of beef, and 82 pounds of chicken. In total, it is over 59 billion pounds of meat. Only 1 percent of the 59 billion pounds of meat comes from animals raised outside, on grass.

One of our heroes, Joel Salatin, is the hero of a new movie about this crisis point, which will be shown at 2 p.m on Saturday, May 19, at Guild Hall.
Tickets are available here and cost $10 in advance, or $12 at the door.  The film will be followed by a panel of people to briefly discuss the film.  The panel will Include Graham Meriwether, Joe Realmuto, Scott Chaskey, Alex Balsam and Ian Calder-Piedmonte. After the panel, at 4:30, there is a reception at Nick and Toni’s featuring small plates of local food, and local beer and wine.  Tickets for the reception are sold separately for $25 (includes food and drinks) and are available here.