New Mecox Bay Cheese Is Washed in Long Ireland Stout: Long Island Sunrise

Mark Cassin of The Big Cheese

Sometimes, there’s no such thing as too many cooks spoil the broth; or the cheese for that matter. In a trend that is sticking, two local artisanal food makers have worked together to make something new. In this case it’s Long Ireland Beer Company and Mecox Bay Dairy, who have released Long Ireland Sunrise, a tomme-style cheese washed in Long Ireland’s Breakfast Stout.

As Edible contributor Niko Krommydas posted on LI Pulse:

Mark Cassin, proprietor of The Big Cheese, and apprentice cheesemaker at Mecox Bay Dairy, described Long Ireland Sunrise as a “semi-soft, creamy, smooth, and slightly mushroomy cheese, with hints of coffee near the rind.”

“There are times when a beer-washed cheese pairs better with an entirely different beer, but Long Ireland Sunrise paired with Breakfast Stout was great,” added Cassin.

Cassein’s business, The Big Cheese, brings American-made cheese to Long Island farmers markets and wineries