New York Drinks New York

The finale of a weekend-long celebration of New York Wine, New York Drinks New York, was held at the Astor Center in New York City yesterday. On hand were 38 wineries, with nine coming from the East End. All were pouring current releases, with a few 2011s in the mix, namely rosés. There was one 2010 red, the cabernet franc from Bedell and, as befitting the vintage, it was super ripe and complex, but still has the acid to keep it fresh and ready for food.

Cute Gabriella Macari was at her family’s table with winemaker Kelly Urbanik, and she was pouring a bottle of 2005 Merlot, a pallet of which had just been unearthed in their warehouse. It’s aging beautifully, which is leading the Macaris to consider setting aside wine from each vintage to sell later.

Also there was Long Island Wine Country alum Bernard Cannac, who is now the winemaker up at Heron Hill in the Finger Lakes. He was pouring a new steel-fermented chardonnay that had such a remarkable finish I think I can still taste it.

And representing an expanding trend that really saves the wineries money, which can then be passed on to the consumer, Raphael was pouring samples of a red and white from a tap. Kegs are easy to transport!