Edible Road Trip: Greetings from America’s Foodtopia, Asheville, NC

For the Presidents Day holiday, our photo editor Lindsay Morris and our publisher Stephen Munshin took their two sons on a family roadtrip to the world’s self-declared Foodtopian Society, Asheville, North Carolina. Lindsay has been sending us mouthwatering pictures of their explorations of North Carolina food culture–complete with grist, soda pop and plenty of buy local sentiment in one packed dining hall after another–and we wanted to share a few with Edible readers. Gas prices may be on their way up, but a car- or train- or bus-based vacation can still be awfully economical and nostalgic (at least in the Jack Kerouac sense). As you plan your next staycation, consider this from Lindsay on what motivated theirs: “We were interested in taking a family road trip that would result in some sweet pay off for all at the end of the road. We had heard for some time about the great sense of community in Asheville and the restauranteurs’ passion for sourcing their ingredients locally. It also didn’t hurt that Asheville had been named best beer city in the country three years running. That’s “Beer City USA”. The pubs are crowded and vibrant and complete with well rounded menus and live music. Thinking about taking up the fiddle- it seems to add a certain warmth and lightness to the meal.”