Greenport Harbor Brewery Is Expanding

Good for these guys. You just can’t go wrong with beer.

The micro brewery on Carpenter Street in Greenport is buying the building on the corner of Peconic Lane and the Main Road in Peconic that used to house the Lucas Ford dealership. They will use the space to increase production, the land behind it to experiment growing hops (and/or wheat?) and eventually install a tasting room.

The Greenport space will remain open.

We first covered the brewery in our Spring 2009 issue before it opened. Since then it’s remained in our pages due to its fine beer, creativity and focus on local products.

From their press release:

Greenport Harbor Brewery plans to close on the new property in Spring of 2012 and be up-and-running in January of 2013.  The new facility, with its 25,000 barrel brew house system, will quadruple production and double its workforce in 24 months.

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