My Top Five Foods of 2011

We’ve asked readers, twitter followers and Facebook friends what was the best thing they ate in 2011, and most recall a special meal, something you don’t eat everyday.

Stefanie Donadic “Loved the lobster perogies at river head project;” Eliot Connor said “Southfork Kitchen (anything there)!!;” Karen Cavanaugh  gave a shout out to “The grilled romaine salad at the Riverhead Project! Mmmmmmmmmmm;” and @NorthForkd (Tracy Weiss) tweeted “North Fork Table and Inn. Coffee Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich with roasted banana salted peanuts. And I’m not that into dessert.” I hear you, I’ve eaten entire desserts by Claudia Fleming, and I usually ask for the check right after finishing the entree.

But my favorite foods are the ones I can eat at least once per week, when my stomach suddenly realizes it’s been at least four hours since breakfast and I have to have lunch right now.

5.  One thing I could eat weekly would be the nettle-walnut pesto on fresh linguine from Love Lane Kitchen. It convinced me my basil pesto fatigue was justified. Bring it back guys?

4. The pizza from Brunetti in Westhampton Beach. It really doesn’t matter which kind you get, but you have to eat it there, right out of the oven at the counter with a tumbler of red wine while Sonny and Pop josh with regulars.

3.  Palmer 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. The Albarino got all the press, but the sauvignon blanc is delicious, bright, delicate, mouth-filling and has none of the greenness that I don’t like in sauvignon blanc.

2.  The hot dog at the Lunch Trunk in Southold. Quality beef, mushy buttery roll and homemade relish with fresh dill. $4.50 a pop. Sometimes I have two.

1.  And the number one thing is what I plan my trips to Riverhead around. Nothing is better than the pork tacos at La Taqueria Mexico on East Main Street. Two dollars each! Homemade salsa in squeeze bottles: a smoky red and spicy avocado-based green. They make the soft corn tortillas and roast the pork there, shredding off the crispy carnitas to top with fresh cilantro and onions. They’re hot, fresh and some of the best food in Riverhead. Stop by and see Yessina and Rolando; they work really hard.

My 2012 list probably won’t be that much different.