Still Time to Brine Your Bird and Skim this Thanksgiving Conversation Cheat-Sheet

Should you need any brain food while the turkey roasts, we’ve got plenty of reading material on the holiday, including cooking tips and Thanksgiving factoids that will appease and wow your tablemates.

Watch our editor-in-chief talking turkey (and last-minute brining) on Fox news yesterday, and listen to her explain on WNYC’s “Last Chance Foods” why you should care what the turkey (that you are going to eat) ate. Get the ultimate mashed potato recipe that Gotham Bar chef Alfred Portale leaked in this week’s live chat on our Facebook page. Stump your tablemates with the tale of Native American pemmican (featured on our NY1 show), a fall-time food from thousands of years ago, and why Whole Foods pulls out all the stops for turkey day.

We wish you and yours a bountiful and joyous feast. And we pass along this place-based blessing from our Brooklyn-based deputy editor Rachel Wharton: “May your heritage birds be perfectly brined, your cornbread stuffing contain loads of briny East End oysters, and your cranberries be from local bogs. Here’s to the result of those trips home from the Greenmarket with Long Island cheese pumpkins, Jersey Brussels sprouts and Upstate bacon. Pass the rolls and praise the host and watch out for parade floats: It’s Thanksgiving in New York City.”