The Case for (and Against) Biodynamics

This is interesting. As reported in Decanter, world-renowned viticulturist Richard Smart will be debating the efficacy of biodynamic systems on grape growing with Monty Waldin, a former wine critic, who became a biodynamic winemaker and has written the definitive book on biodynamic wine growing. (Here’s an interview with Jamie Goode.)

The debate will be at the offices of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, which runs the program of wine studies I completed.

This spring EEE published an article about farmers on the East End who use biodynamics; this includes a number of grape growers.

Smart, an Australian, who has developed trellising systems that promote growth and curb disease, is cited in the Decanter article as saying “his approach to viticulture is ‘based on conventional science, and not emotional black magic.”

Also, “Smart promises to ‘challenge audience perceptions about environmental degradation in vineyards’ and will argue strongly ‘against any wine trade support for organic and biodynamic wines’.”

That seems harsh.

I hope they webcast it, or post a video on line. I’ll keep you updated.

[Photo via Blue Grouse Wine Cellar]