Tea Salons on Saturdays in Southampton

Last summer Edible featured a new tea salon in Southampton, the T Loft, run by Tathiana Teixeira and her husband Alex.

After having established herself as a purveyor of exotic teas to hotels and restaurants in the Hamptons and Manhattan, as well as to private chefs, Teixeira launched a retail site/tasting room to share her exotic teas and blends to the public. On hand are Japan Bancha, Jasmine Phoenix Pearls and organic teas from China.

On Saturdays through the fall, T Loft will be hosting tea tastings for those not ready to commit. The Teixeiras will brew samples and give a little tea education in the meantime.

The tea salons begin at 3 p.m. and go until 5 at the shop at 87 Powell Avenue.

For more information: info@plain-t.com or 631-251-6316.