Cake by Sacred Sweets of Greenport Named One of the 24 Most Beautiful in the Nation

It took 10 hours for two people to make, but it was worth it, because this cake, made by Miche Bacher and Nanao Anton of Sacred Sweets in Greenport made it to the finals and survived the last cut to be featured in the September Brides Magazine.

Bacher says she and her partner were contacted by the magazine’s editors and asked to submit a few designs; they chose the cake at the right.

The cake was inspired by a Yumi Katsura-designed bridal gown. Bacher says many of their inspirations come from fabrics. “Often what the brides or grooms are wearing plays a large role in the cake we design for them,” she says.

Since the cake appeared in the magazine the two have had several calls from as far away as Canada. “We have even been able to consult with other designers to help them recreate our designs,” says Bacher. “We did just do a smaller version of the peony cake for a local bride.”

For the contest Sacred Sweets sent a mock up to the magazine’s offices. (The cake in the picture has no sweet center.” But Bacher says it can be filled with any of her recent combinations, such as carrot with mascarpone, hazelnut croquant and peach conserve, merlot with blackberry and mascarpone, buttermilk with blackberry and dulce de leche, chardonnay with chocolate chili ganache and hazelnut croquant, coconut with passionfruit and toffee buttercrunch …