It’s Not Too Late to Take the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge

Now that Labor Day weekend is out of the way and kids are back in school, it’s a good time to get in on the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York’s Locavore Challenge, which, for the month of September, encourages everyone to eat locally.

If you’re a regular reader of any of the Edible magazines, you’re probably well on your way towards becoming the best locavore you can be; however, NOFA-NY has some interesting suggestions about how to take it to the next level by dividing the challenge into three catagories: Grow,
Cook, Eat; Join the Movement; and Take Action.

Under Grow, Cook, Eat are recognizable activities from shopping at a farmers market, starting your own herb garden and sipping on local milk, juice, beer, wine and spirits (easy for we East Enders!) to the more adventurous like foraging or making your own butter, yogurt or ice cream.

To Join the Movement, NOFA-NY suggests liking NOFA-NY on Facebook and/or following NOFA-NY on Twitter, blogging about your challenge experience (and sending them the link), becoming a member of NOFA-NY and attending a locavore event (plenty are listed here on EEE).

To Take Action locavores are encouraged to join the Millions Against Monsanto campaign, lobby their food store to include more local products and ask their representatives to support organic farming.

The overall challenge is to eat a 250-mile diet; NOFA-NY has some suggestions about how to do this on the web page.

And last but not least, NOFA-NY is organizing potlucks dinners, hopefully statewide, for September 25. Find out where they are here, or think of organizing your own.