FOOD JOURNAL: Cleanse Thyself


What happens when you stop eating for seven days.

If someone told you that a fast was more about eating than not eating, would you believe that person? Or that not eating would teach you not only how to eat, but how to become more in touch with yourself, the community and the world.

In one week, Adam Kelinson of Bridgehampton believes he can do that. His regimen, which includes detox teas and vegetable juices, can be conducted as part of a group, and the feedback and support, he believes, can help those wanting to change to reconnect and “recreate” their relationship with food.

“As people depart from food they realize their connections to mind, body and spirit and a seasonal cycle,” he says.

Kelinson’s business, Organic Performance, offers individual fasts and jumpstart fasts, but the group fasts involve more than physical nourishment.

“Everyone comes together around food to foster new relationships——social, business or personal,” he says. “Everybody brings something different.”

Those participating pick up their juices in the morning, go about their regular day and then convene in the evening for either motivational talks or movies.

“It’s one of the oldest forms of healing,” adds Kelinson. “People come because they want to jumpstart their lives.”

Edible East End photo editor Lindsay Morris recently decided to take the plunge. Selected photos and journal entries appear below. For more information visit Cleanse kits start at $150. —-Eileen Duffy

Day 1

Feeling the hunger, but not overwhelmingly so. Observing the usual habits of picking at the kids’ food and deep cravings for chai.
So much time and energy devoted to food preparation and consumption. I’ve got nothing but time on my hands.
Bed beckons. I’ll end this day early to resist further food temptations.

Day 2
Feeling energetic this morning. Yoga class felt different. I’m lighter; less weighed down. My mind feels more lucid.
Food preparation for the family becomes more difficult. Couldn’t we all cleanse at the same time? Hmmm……probably not a great idea for the kids. This is definitely a journey best taken alone or with others on a cleanse.

Day 3
Wow. Never in my life have I had energy like this. I’m bouncing off the walls. Something like a caffeine high without the jitters. Yoga takes on new meaning in this euphoric state. Think I can get through this.
Downfall during dinner preparation. Was feeling incredibly strong, but have been subdued by the heavenly wafts of roasted chicken I foolishly prepared for the kids. I can’t escape it, it’s all around me and I’m certain my sense of smell is heightened. Time to step out.

Day 4
Exhilaration. I’m feeling incredibly……alive. Vivid art-related dreams. Awoke in the middle of the night with a need to sketch. If nothing else, I’m walking away with some new material. The mornings are vibrant and full of hope. Afternoon brings on cravings for Breadzilla and chai. By evening I’m in a foul mood. First real pangs of hunger I’ve experienced. Making mental lists of the foods I will dine on. Three more days. Yes we can. Looking forward to my morning juice, which is incredibly tasty, by the way.
It’s 8:20. All that’s left to consume are tea and my cleanse drink. I would weep over a cracker tonight.

Day 5
Rounding the bend. Nothing gives me greater pleasure during this cleanse, than the scent and taste of fresh coconut water. Who knew coconut water even had a scent? Intoxicating beyond, beyond…….
Finding I require less sleep. It’s like being a superhero.
Took an Ashtanga class and felt pretty strong. My mind’s running a little wild. Challenging to stay focused.
I’ve been told I can try some homemade vegetable broth. Pulled every last veggie from the fridge and what’s left of the garden, ceremoniously loaded on a clash of spices and cranked up the heat——hallelujah it’s broth time. I will choose the bowl ever so carefully for this luscious gravy, and savor it slowly, eyes closed.
Yes, it was that good.

Day 6
Colonic. Let’s just say I’m squeaky clean inside and out. We were provided with a body brush and tongue scraper at the onset of the cleanse, so when I say I’m clean, believe it, sister.
Well, today has been a challenge. The boys are off from school, and I’ll just say this: cleansing is a trip best taken with low doses of high-pitched screams and zero, and I mean zero, tantrums. I find I’m not negotiating well with the “littles.” More television and computer than is allowed or healthy for that matter.
Energy not as high as the past days, but I’m feeling solid.

Day 7
Took the kids to the city. Floated my way around Central Park and through the museums. I think I kept talking about what I could possibly consume. Take it slow.
Went for a very light portion of Japanese.
I did it. I’d do it again. Life is good.
I love food.