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Vote on the Cover Image for our Coming Fall Issue

115 comments so far | October 3, 2012 | By | Photographs by Lindsay Morris and Randee Daddona

We’re currently debating what to put on the cover of our Fall issue that hits the streets next week. What provocative autumnal choices are we considering, you might ask? Well, we’re at a standstill in the discussion. Contenders include photographs by Lindsay Morris and Randee Daddona of the red grape crush at Channing Daughters Winery, Chris Wines’s one-man dairy on Sound Avenue in Aquebogue, a CSA pickup from Quail Hill, community gardening in Riverhead that is part of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Healthy Places project, Peconic Community School students at the Golden Earthworm farm, and mouth-watering roasting herbs and crusty Blue Duck Bakery bread from a dinner party at East End Hospice president Priscilla Ruffin’s home.

So, we thought we’d put the query to those who know us best: Our readers. Which one of the above covers are you digging? What image say fall on the East End? Let us know in the comments below. We can’t guarantee we’ll agree with you, but we’ll at least consider your feelings!

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  • Patricia

    The lovely picture of the well-cared-for cow and earnest young man working his own dairy. There’s something rich and special about someone caring for his cows, and working to provide fresh dairy for our tables. And the cow looks truly beautiful!

  • Shara

    Peconic Community School is adorable!

  • Hugh Gunder

    Peconic Community for me

  • Wm Floyd Sci teacher

    Peconic Community School the WINNER
    Creative nurturing environment
    Celebrates diversity and instills respect for others
    Plants the seeds for lifelong learning

  • Dana K.

    The Bread of course.. It starts and ends w/ a fresh loaf of bread, doesn’t it..! It Edible East End, and its a beautiful coverworthy picture.

  • Dana Kallio

    Bread from the Blue Duck Bakery, You can almost smell it, can’t you now..! Bread is where it begins and ends… and It’s a great photo and coverworthy.

  • Louise

    I love the picture of the hand against the Dornfelder grapes. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for your amazing publication. I love reading it.

  • Kieran Brew

    I like the ones with the people in them: either the kids in the garden, next to the mural,
    or the csa pickup at quail hill….

  • Jen

    1-cow, 2-bread, 3-grapes in 1st shot

  • Maureen

    My vote is for the Channing Daughters wine crush picture.

  • David Daines

    The loaf of bread is 1st and 2nd the grapes, keeping it simple.

  • Anonymous

    I love Randee Daddona’s photo of the Peconic Community School children in the garden. So beautiful, simple, and thought provoking!

  • Eric Weinstein

    It’s a toss between the cow picture and the one with the kids, both by Randee Daddona. The composition of both of these pictures is great, especially how the kids are seemingly “budding” from the ground. Makes me think of the future of sustainability and teaching our young. Such a hard choice!

  • Nancy Kouris

    The Bread cover of course. What goes better with fall harvest foods than a crusty loaf of bread, mmmm

  • Sarah Parker

    I vote for Chris Wines at his dairy on Sound Avenue. Photograph by Randee Daddona.

  • Lizziert

    I vote for the adorable Peconic Community School kids at the Golden Earthworm farm!

  • France Mwangi

    Peconic Community School students at Golden Earthworm Farm!

  • http://www.outeastfoodie.com out east foodie

    The Children are our Future. Peconic Community School students at the Golden Earthworm Farm. Embodies the future of the East End Community.

    However, Chris Wines and Ty LLWYD FARM and Dairy is incredible.

  • Zachary

    The Peconic Community School picture is the obvious choice! It sums up the community and magazine in a single image that is irresistible.

  • Kaitlin

    Peconic School Kids! Randee Daddona is the BEST!

  • Olivia

    I will vote for the Peconic Community School kids, fresh and artistic and very EDIBLE!

  • Donna M

    I like the Hampton Bays community garden pic best! :). DM

  • Alheda

    I love the Chris Wines one!!

  • Megan Harned

    I love the kids in the field. It’s such a bright cover and seeing the kids so intense on life and growth is the perfect evocation of Edible East End and the future we’re all trying to cultivate.

  • MaryMac

    The bread’s a great harvest-y image. And I can almost smell it, somebody cut me a slice!

  • R. Olsen-Harbich

    The community garden in Riverhead is an important initiative and should be promoted. Sustainability needs to be more than just about growing food – it should be about growing communities and growing people. I’d like to see that pic on the cover.

  • Shawns

    Peconic Community School for the win, for sure!

  • Krissy Kriss

    My 1st vote is for the bread & 2nd is for the herb marinade. Both look delicious & would draw me into the magazine to find out more about it. As my grandfather always said it wasn’t a meal unless u had a good loaf of bread.

  • Kari Harendorf

    I like the first grapes. And the cow. ooohhhh I can’t decide either!

  • liz wines

    I vote for Chris Wines and his dairy, he’s worked hard to develop the first raw milk dairy on Long Island, his cows lead a happy and healthy life out in the fields and he provides healthy and delicous milk to people in our community.

  • Rachel L

    Peconic community school at the golden earthworm farm!
    Beautiful image.

  • Genevieve

    Smell of that bread hooked me!

  • http://www.followthechefnyc.blogspot.com Deborah Fenker

    Dornfelder Crush. Provocative, raw… and a little sexy.

  • http://www.followthechefnyc.blogspot.com Deborah Fenker

    Dornfelder Crush. The first one. Sexy, provocative, and raw.

  • Robin Rae

    Dornfelder crush

  • Terry

    My favorite is the bread cover. Warm and cozy. Perfect for this time of year.

  • PAR

    Of course, my vote is for the beautiful crusty loaf of bread, you can almost hear the
    crunch and smell the bread as that knife makes the first cut, but I have to say, the hand
    crushing the grapes is pretty great, too!!

  • suzy

    Love Love Love the bread photo!

  • Chrissy M

    Bread!!!!! Love it!

  • Maggie

    Definitely the bread—reminds me of warm family meals.

  • Lisa

    Channing Daughters grape squeezing or the grape ‘crush’ photo!! Beautiful visuals and so much what fall represents on the East End .

  • http://www.eatshampton.com Colin Ambrose

    That Quail Hill image gets my vote.

  • Caitlin

    150% the Peconic Community School!

  • CK

    Peconic Community School all the way!

  • Betsy

    I vote for The Peconic Community School at Golden Earthworm Organic Farm.
    The scene depicts why people come out to the East End. It’s so important to get
    children (of any age) to learn how food grows, where it comes from, & the variety
    of seasonal foods available. The children from The Peconic Community School epitomize the enjoyment of seeing the food growing, & the curiosity for what other environments exist in the field around the crops. The children are the future caretakers of the earth, what a great way for them to appreciate it.

  • Kelly Anthony

    The Chris Wines picture is amazing. One man, one cow-pure beauty and simplicity. You don’t get more slow food and anti factory farming than this! I had given up milk for the last 2 years, but when I found out I could purchase RAW whole milk on Long Island, I set out that week to get some. And it did not disappoint! His raw whole milk was creamy, delicous & nutricious! The way nature intended it to be. This is a real rare find and I can’t wait to get my next half gallon!

  • Beth

    I vote for Chris Wines and his cow!

  • Darcy Paddock

    Beautiful local warm delicious bread!
    The photo draws you into the intrique, warmth and comfort of the season in and thr East End.

  • Mike

    Hands crushing the grapes.

  • http://www.fivebranchesgreenport.com Jennifer Wood

    Hands down Peconic Community School! <3

  • Eileen Kapell

    The photo of the The Peconic Community School expresses the importance of educating our children about eating heatlthy and guarantees a future with a truly sustainable edible eastend.
    The other option is to use all the photos with the children in the center. Remember the most important ” grown on Long Island” crop would be the children.

  • David Daines

    The bread picture 1st. The grapes 2nd, Keeping it simple.

  • Hannah

    River and Roots all the way…. It shows that kids are still interested in Nature and gardening even with all the fancy gagets lying around…. And that kid is adorable ;)

  • http://www.dadncharge.blogspot.com Chris Bernholdt

    Peconic Community School. Teaching our youth about sustainable food is the future and should be featured

  • Susanne

    The Peconic Community school! I love this picture.

  • Dana

    My vote is for the Peconic Community School children!

  • jaime

    I vote for bread! Yummy – makes me want to go to Blue Duck and grab a loaf.

  • mare dianora

    great choices! peconic community school!

  • Jill

    I vote for the community garden photo.

  • http://www.fivebranchesgreenport.com Rachel

    I vote for the children of Peconic Community School visiting Golden Earthworm!!

  • Liza

    It’s got to be the Peconic Community School kids!

  • Stephen

    Love them all but my vote is for the children at Peconic Community School!

  • Mai

    Peconic Community School all the way!

  • Kevin

    In the words of the late, great Whitney Houston: the children are our future! I vote for the picture of the Peconic Community School students at the Golden Earthworm Farm!

  • http://northforklongislandrealestate.com carol szynaka

    I vote for the children of the Peconic Community school. Life on the East End, a good life.

    Carol Szynaka

  • Ann Harmon

    Love edible east end. Dornfelder crush at Channing Daughters Winery.

  • Matt

    It’s got to be about the kids!!!! Peconic community school all the way!!!

  • Mary

    The children of Peconic Community School at Golden Earthworm Farm get my vote.

  • Laurie Nigro

    Also I need to point out that the picture of the child watering is River and Roots in Riverhead while the children with the wheelbarrow against the lovely mural is NOT River and Roots. I believe it is the community garden in Hampton Bays at the elementary school.

  • Hugh

    Peconic Community School at The Golden Earthworm all the way!

  • DMB

    Hands down the children from Peconic Communitu School should be your next cover! :)

  • Liz

    The children at Peconic Community School should be the featured fall cover!!!

  • Jennifer Conway

    The kids at the Golden Earth Worm

  • Chris

    Peconic community school should take the cover.

  • Stuart Reiner

    Peconic Community School students at Golden Earthworm Farm, was my favorite from all the selections available. It was unique the way children were placed to resemble flowers growing from the ground giving it a look of innocence.

  • Hilary

    I vote for the Peconic Community School!

  • Ryan

    Peconic Community School!

  • Hildegunn

    River and Roots!

  • Anonymous

    Hands crushing grapes!

  • Kathryn

    children breathing in and sharing in harvest = all that is great about Fall on the east end. Peconic Community School!

  • Gary Osborne

    Children carry hope always…

  • Liz

    The kids from Peconic Community School at Golden Earthworm Organic Farm get my vote! Best of all worlds, farm + children=EAST END!

  • http://www.roanokevineyards.com Rich Pisacano

    The Peconic Community School students!

  • http://www.iloveriverhead.com Nancy

    River and Roots Community Garden in downtown Riverhead!

  • Colleen

    My favorite is the River and Roots what an amazing concept and a GREAT idea to bring to the town of Riverhead I love the photo!!!!

  • Siri Mittet

    I vote for Peconic Commuunity School @ the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm. Great place and great people!

  • http://www.facebook.com/flushingcsa Emily Griffin

    I vote for the cute kids at Golden Earthworm Farm. Sure I’m somewhat biased as a CSA member, but I also think its a great cover for a lot of reasons. Its about food not wine (while lovely to *drink*, its not really “edible”), plus I love the idea of getting kids in on eating good, healthy, local foods instead of mass produced goodness-knows-where science experiments.

  • Yvette

    While I’m of course partial to the Quail Hill Farm image, all of them are so wonderful and as a whole tell a great story about our East End farming and food community. You have a tough task ahead and I am really looking forward to this issue!

  • Bonnie Joi

    My vote is for the sweet children who are our future for the East End
    from Peocnid Community School.
    Its amazing how they are so connected
    with our environment. So refreshing to see.

  • Brian Nigro

    I vote for the river and roots photo!

  • Randee

    I have to go with the children from Peconic School visiting Golden Earthworm, The children’s curiosity and wonderment says something.

  • Jennifer Conway

    I vote for the children in the garden at the Golden Earthworm.

  • Laurie Nigro

    I really love all of them! However, I have to go with River and Roots Community Garden in Riverhead! This once vacant piece of land is now a great example of what a few committed people can accomplish an how that can affect an entire community. Of course, I’m a little biased as a co-founder of the garden!

  • Brian Halweil

    @Dawn BEtke, yes, that is River and Roots. Thanks for the correction.
    @Mary. The hand against Dornfelder grapes at Channing Daughters is definitely still one of the candidates.

  • Azavatto

    The first one! Love, love, love the color. Second choice: The kids at Peconic Community School.

  • G H

    Definitely the Peconic Community School students at the Golden Earthworm farm! What a great way to start the new school year!

  • Len Van Vliet

    I vote also for the Community Garden photo in Riverhead by Lindsay Morris. They are all geat photos, and it’s hard to choose, but this is the future of gardening on the East End, where all communities come together to grow and harvest their own…

  • Sondra

    I vote for the River & Roots Community Garden in RIVERHEAD. It is a beautiful
    and bountiful place.

  • Mary

    The mystery of what they are peering at — Peocnid Community School.!! And loved the hand and the splash of grapes — was that a choice?

  • Dawn BEtke

    I would have to vote for the community garden which is located in Downtown Riverhead NOT Hampton Bays as the caption reads :-)

  • kevin

    I vote for the kids at the Peconic Community School.

  • Courtney

    Channing Daughters grapes for sure! bring on the fall, and bring it on with local red wine!

  • Greg

    How could anything else compare to the students of the Peconic Cummunity School connecting to the agriculture of the East End at the Golden Earthworm? It’s really what our East End community is all about. My vote is for the children.

  • http://www.urbansiren.com Diane

    My vote is for Peconic Community School students at the Golden Earthworm Farm!

  • Peaceloveandhoops2

    The Peconic Community School! It really looks so sweet and I love the children really exploring the garden. Great shot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=610108688 Amy Federico

    The Peconic Community School one for sure!  Such a sweet photo, and love the idea of kids learning about where food comes from!

  • Bennett Konesni

    I like the shot of Chris Wines with the cow…  there is a sense of place, history, culture, architecture, story…

  • Lisa

    I say the children in the field.  It’s a beautiful picture–the young ones colorful and growing.  

  • Shalweil

    I like the cow.

  • Mmsmeehan

    I like the students at Peconic Community school. Nice to have children involved.

  • Tracey

    Bread, Quail Hill, or the grapes being squeezed (that image certainly says Fall/Harvest/Crush!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.halweil Brian Halweil

    Crusty bread definitely connotes cozy. But fermenting grapes also create warmth. That’s what the winemaker if testing for in the shot of the hand against the red grapes.

  • Kathcasey

    PCS! School + Organic Farm + Children = Harvest on the East End!

  • Donnell

    Wow, tough choice! But I’ll have to go with Lindsay’s beautiful image of the grape crush at Channing Daughters. Living in a wine region (and personally being part of the industry), this is a sure sign of fall on the East End to me.

  • Anonymous

    My personal favorite is the bread and cutting board.  I’m partial to any loaf of hand crafted bread and I think it reminds us of the time indoors and the warming cooking many of us do once the seasons change.  Comfort time at home.