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Captain Brian Fromm

Dock Report: Atlantic Bigeye Tuna

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As of March of this year, 34 rebuilt and sustainable fish stocks are thriving in American waters. This is evidenced by the return of humpback whales to the waters around New York City, where they’ve been seen “lunge feeding” on ample schools of fish.

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  • A Seed Saving Success: Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

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    In the High Summer issue of Edible East End, Erica-Lynn Huberty told the story of the Salt of the Earth Seed Company, which has embarked on a massive seed-saving project to protect our food supply while saving the best seeds to grow the best produce for our region. One success story, predating Salt of the Earth, is the Long Island cheese pumpkin, which also got a mention in our Fall 2005 issue. 

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  • food truck derby 2014_21_daniel gonzalez

    PHOTOS: The 3rd Annual Food Truck Derby

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    We at Edible East End, would love to thank everyone who came to our annual Food Truck Derby last Friday. There were sliders, pizza from a wood fired oven, delicious ice cream, crepes, grilled cheese and wine and beer and iced tea and so much more. We hope to see you next year and that the weather will be as fantastic as it was this year.

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