Dock Report: Yellowtail Flounder

As summer melds into fall the changes are obvious on land; autumn colors return to the trees and school buses idling on the roadways reappear. But seasonal changes on the ocean are less noticeable and involve gradual water temperature adjustments and a shifting labyrinth of currents. These transformations are felt more than seen.

What To Do With Late Season Monster Squash

There is perhaps nothing more tender and delicate than a zucchini. Except, perhaps, when the zucchini in question is a late season, enormous, oblong monster akin to something out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Anyone who’s ever grown zucchini knows that there comes a point, if your crop is successful, when you turn your head for a second and look back to find one of these mammoths pulling on the vine, half-hidden (creepily) between gigantic green leaves.

Nick & Toni’s Featured on the Chew

The Chew has been giving the East End some love and Nick & Toni’s in particular. Last week they were out here to film in the restaurant’s vegetable garden, and at Quail Hill and Topping Rose, for a segment on Jeff Negron and his business taking care of gardens for restaurants. This week they’ve put up a video about the East Hampton restaurant and how it’s always been important there to stick to locally grown produce and locally caught fish. Looking good guys!